BSW CCG's Our Health, Our Future Panel

The Our Health, Our Future Panel is one of the ways for us to engage with those living in BSW to get their views on health and care issues.

In line with our value of "inclusive", the online panel is made up of a representative sample of the population from across our region. Panel members will take part in regular surveys throughout the year as well as form focus groups from time to time. 

We have been working with independent market research specialists Jungle Green to develop our panel. Jungle Green is a Bristol-based market research agency that is working on behalf of the CCG to support the Our Health Our Future Panel. Jungle Green invite people to join the Panel using a range of methods including face-to-face recruitment in local shopping centres and high streets, and from this, we hope to recruit 1,000 people to our Panel.  During the Coronavirus pandemic they have been unable to do face-to-face recruitment, however, the CCG has been promoting virtual recruitment to the panel.

To find out more about the Our Health, Our Future Panel, please get in touch with the Communications and Engagement team: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Full reports of every survey have now been made publicly available below, and insights gained from the panel will be used to inform our decision making, strategy, service design and service change. 

Survey results from the  Our Health Our Future Panel

BSW OHOF Panel Survey 1 Results April 2020  

BSW OHOF Panel Survey 2 Results May 2020

BSW OHOF Panel Survey 3 Results August 2020

BSW OHOF Panel Survey 4 Results December 2020

BSW OHOF Panel Survey 5 Results May 2021

BSW OHOF Panel Survey 6 Results August 2021

BSW OHOF Panel Survey 7 Results January 2022

BSW OHOF Panel Survey 8 Results March 2022