Corporate registers

Conflicts of interest are inevitable in commissioning. 

We know that the effective handling of conflicts of interest is crucial and it gives confidence to the public, healthcare providers and governing bodies that our commissioning decisions are robust, fair and transparent, and offer value for money. 

We have fully implemented the 2017 Managing Conflicts of Interest: Revised Statutory Guidance for CCGs, which requires us to publish the following corporate registers:

Register of Interests

Conflicts of interest are a common and sometimes unavoidable part of the delivery of healthcare. To be aware of conflicts of interests, and to manage them robustly, we hold and regularly update registers of interests. We publish the register of interests of our key decision-makers, the members of our Governing Body and its committees.

 Governing Body Register of Interests - January 2022

Gifts, Hospitality and Sponsorship Register

The acceptance of gifts, hospitality or sponsorship could give rise to conflicts of interest, and even gifts of small value might influence behaviour if not handled in an appropriate way. We hold and regularly update our register of gifts, hospitality, and sponsorship.

Gift, Hospitality and Sponosrship Register - January 2021 - No declarations of offers of gifts, hospitality or sponsorship have been received in 2021/22. 

Procurement Register

As a commissioner, we are required to maintain and publish a record of each contract we award. For this purpose, we publish our register of procurement decisions taken. Corporate registers for the three old CCGs are available on request.

Register of Procurement Decisions and Contracts Awarded 2020-21 - January 2022